About Laurentsio

I was born i Romainia in 1980. When I was very small I was placed in an orphanage because of my special needs. As a grown up I´m only 46,5 inches tall. In 1991 I was adopted by swedish parents and moved to Barkhyttan, Hofors in Sweden.

During my education as a teenager I had the opportunity to do sports; racing in a special wheelchair. This was in Bollnäs. It led to my participation in Special Olympics 1999 in North Carolina, USA, where I managed to win three gold medals.

Movies, television, photo and music videos

I lived in Bollnäs until 2015 and then I moved to Öland with my girlfriend Anette, whom I met in 2014. During my time in Bollnäs I experienced the making of a movie, several TV productions, being a model, interviews in newspapers, the making of my own documentary who was broadcasted in swedish television, the making of a music video, photographes as a model and other things. The thing that made me most recognized by the public in Sweden was the reality show ”Against the odds”, season one, Africa, broadcasted in swedish television in 2012.
I became a goodwill ambassador for the Star of Hope organisation and their work i Romainia. I was emploied by a special needs company called Frösunda and travelled around Sweden with a program about my life, showing pictures and short films, and I represented them at exebitions and such.

A very interesting year

2015 was a very interesting year for me. I took the big step and moved to Öland. I became goodwill ambassador for the Swedish Institute, the Foreign Office, and had the opportunity to travel abroad with the photo exibition ”Access Ability” to Georgia, Finland and Lithuania.

I made a commercial in Switzerland for a well known car company. I published my biography ”Laurentsio – success against the odds”, written together with Torbjörn Vårsaga.
I started my own company ”Firma Laurentsio” (= Laurentsio Company). It´s convenient to have a company when I nowadays travel around and speek publicaly about my life and are selling my book. I can also accept movie opportunities, photography jobs and such via the company.

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